And thus… we are locked down.

The windbag toff last night announced a lockdown. It was inevitable after this weekend’s ridiculous and extremely irresponsible behaviour by many who thought it would be a great idea to fill our parks and national parks. Therefore, we are now all grounded. No leaving the house except for very limited tasks.All the restaurants, cafes, bars,Continue reading “And thus… we are locked down.”

Lockdown Incoming

It appears that some idiots aren’t taking the phrases “social distancing” very seriously. Large groups congregated over the weekend and the floppy haired fop who pretends to be prime minister is now threatening an Italy style emergency powers lockdown. This, my friends and followers, is fucked up. Personally, I’m existing in Animal Crossing for theContinue reading “Lockdown Incoming”


“Coronavirus” COVID 19 is absolutely flooring the population the the world right now, and it’s now looking like it’s going to put a major brake on loads of sporting and music events. Already we’ve seen the London Marathon postponed until October, and now I’ve found out that Cruise to the Edge isn’t happening. I justContinue reading “COVID 19”