It’s a bit scary out.

Having spent time now doing my work (as a key worker, I have to keep fire alarm maintenance up to date) I have noticed that the few drivers on the roads tend to be a bit nuttier than usual (including myself, it seem to be having an effect on me too).

Small incidents which would normally result in a quick pap on the horn are now turning into major road rage events and the speed limits on many roads seem to have become somewhat flexible. I’ve just driven up Penistone Road and I was the only one keeping to the 30 limit – most people flew past me at over 40mph!

I’m also curious as to whether all those poor doggies are appreciating the extra walks they’re now getting? I’ve never seen so many dog walkers around and about the area!

The idiots, however, are the groups of youths congregating on corners. They are far more common than I would appreciate and it’s scary that they could be a hotbed of infection; then going home to infect their parents and grandparents.

Well we head into the School Holidays this coming week. I presume very little will change, although I’m as busy as ever. I’ve picked up new work where the existing service company have decided to take the long holiday.

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