I’m awake again at an early hour. I’m not really sleeping too well at the moment as I have some rather painful tennis elbow. It’s in both of my elbows although my right one is the worst. It wakes me up at 5am and I have to stretch my arms and do exercises to try and get it moving again.

At this time of year too I have the added bonus of my absolutely awful hayfever – tree pollen kicks it off and throughout late March all the way into early May my nose gets irritated, my eyes start running, and I get my constant niggling sinus ache. I’ve tried all the antihistamines and I have limited success with some of them.

The problem is I then sneeze, and in these heightened times a dozen people look around to see who is sneezing. I suppose it’s good for clearing queues though!

I really am now looking forward to the summer when the pollen level falls (well for me, flower pollen doesn’t really get me in the same way) and I can walk around without feeling like a zombie.

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