My Carry

I’ve often seen people sharing “what’s in my bag” posts when it comes to tech. These people often traipse around carrying a huge backpack with dozens and dozens of cables, bricks, chargers, dongles. Well I’m the opposite. I’m a pocket guy and I have an absolute bare minimum of kit. I like everything the have multiple uses and if it doesn’t fulfill my requirements precisely I’m always seeking a better version. So here we go… My pocket carry.

1. Phone

It’s a Samsung Galaxy Note 10+. The rather nice shiny chromatic one.

It’s main selling point for me is the stylus – but more importantly the fact it’s a Bluetooth stylus with accelerometer and allows remote control over the phone to an extent. I have used it for presentations and it feels great holding the button in and flicking left to go to the previous slide. It’s also usable as a remote camera shutter.

The camera is very capable and I no longer use my other cameras because of this.

Also, with an almost 7″ screen it’s a great media consumption device and because the screen is AMOLED it’s daylight readable and usable.

I’m also a huge fan of Samsung Pay. It allows me to leave my wallet at home. I’d love the ability to log into a cash machine with it and dispense cash, but alas that’s not a thing yet.

2. Headphones

Media consumption is also improved with my earphones – the Samsung Galaxy Buds. Great sounding. Good battery life. And I can charge them using the same cable and charger combination as the phone itself, or for a top up I can use the reverse wireless charging feature in the phone.

3. The Watch

I also have a watch to go with the setup. It’s good as a notification tool, but also has the added bonus that you can use it as a remote control for the camera too (with viewfinder).

The Watch I have is a Galaxy Watch LTE. It’s the smaller 42mm version as I just find them a little more manageable. I’ve had a 46mm version and it was also nice, but the 42mm just feels the right size to me.

4. Keeping it running

I have a number of solutions for keeping all this stuff working.

First I use a folding charger. It’s made by Mu and answers all my grief about British plugs.

Unfortunately development on these seems to have stalled which means the USB C version never appeared. Not to worry though as my next item depends on a regular USB A port.

The cable I keep with me is a bracelet in disguise. It’s a beautiful invention and looks just like a simple leather band bracelet, until you separate it at which point it turns into a USB A-USB C cable. The one I have is a good enough spec to do DeX on PC.

Finally, for longer journeys I have a battery brick, or battery case, or a combination of both for even longer journeys.

Also in my occasional carry is a Surface Wireless Display adaptor and pocket projector. A small gadget which allows you to project wirelessly and the projector to plug it into.

These all charge using usb C so I can keep a battery case charged rather than having to tether to a socket using an obscenely short usb cable.

For now this all works for me, although I’m sure it’ll constantly evolve. Note though that just 2 years ago I was a bag person.

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