The Rites of Spring Festival – 10 years on

Ten years ago I was blogging about RoSfest – it’s rather hard to believe how long ago it was now. We were nervous because a volcano in Iceland that nobody could pronounce closed our skies just a few weeks before. Now the skies are closed for a very different reason, a much greater risk to human life, one which is unavoidable and can only be risk assessed to a low 2 at best, unlike the volcano which threatened nobody and just adjusted our lives.

Did RoSfest forward my career? Honestly? A little. I thought of the time that we would all be instant rock stars, but alas it was not to be. I was very forgetful of the fact that I was a bassist in someone’s band, and I was being treated as a session musician. My mum commented that when she came to see one of our gigs someone in the audience commented “it’s all about Guy, the rest of the band are just there to back him up”.

She didn’t tell me that at the time. I suspect it would have given me the urge to jump ship.

As a bassist I gained little extra recognition. We partied a little on the Saturday night, but I didn’t then spend the afternoon after our performance signing autographs or being swamped by fans. I did autograph a few copies of Number Ten – ironically the album I came into the band during the recording of and an album I didn’t actually contribute much to.

The experience itself was goodish though. A big stage with good professional crew always makes for a good gig. My first jaunt to the USA, which was also good, and the whole experience of playing to a new crowd in another country.

I’d definitely do it again, just only as a creative part of the band I’m in.

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