I’m weird.

Apparently I’m “weird” because I enjoy wearing shiny clothes and I sometimes go to fetish clubs. This was the opinion of someone who I would describe as “dull and uninteresting”.

I’m not going to make out that what I enjoy is in any way normal to most people, but FFS we are all different and we all have different things we enjoy which someone else will think it’s a bit strange.

Don’t knock the train spotters when you see them stood on the end of Doncaster platform. It’s their little bit of weird. Live and let live!

5 thoughts on “I’m weird.

  1. You are definately NOT weird. You definitely stand out in the crowd. You are an elegant and debonair man in your shiny clothes. I wear leather suits of all colors and I never had anyone say anything bad about it. I have gotten a lot of hugs. Everyone wants to know where I got my outfits. Wear your leather and PVC outfits with pride. You earned it.

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    1. I just have the one leather suit. I tend to prefer black for my clothing in general. I suppose it’s my Rock & Metal tenancies showing.


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