I’m finding a new word I hate. “creatives” If it were a dictionary entry it would read: Creative – +s pl – a person who spends far too much money on groundbreaking Kickstarter products when the same product has existed for years elsewhere.

Lockdown Blood Donors

Amazingly, and perhaps somewhat terrifyingly, the lockdown is releasing a little. I’m starting to see more shops opening, especially trade businesses. I’ve been quite lucky that with electrical engineering being considered an essential service I have been able to acquire supplies. The next challenge however, was blood donors. How do you carry out a bloodContinue reading “Lockdown Blood Donors”

A 5⭐ town!

After about 50 days of play we have finally completed the first part of Animal Crossing New Horizons – we now have a 5 star town. I have to say, I’d actually live here! It’s rather beautiful. I can’t wait to get more shops and facilities very soon.