What a week!

I’ve just had the week from hell. The industry is gearing back up, and I picked up a job which originally went elsewhere but then that company decided to close for lockdown, not realising that we are a key industry.

I’m fitting my first ZFP panel (after baulking at £130 for the software) but at least by spending £130 on the software I get a guarantee that it won’t be absolute detritus, unlike some of the free software out there which is, shall we say, buggy pants.

I know it probably doesn’t look that impressive to a non fire alarm engineer, but these things are amazing to work on. Really user friendly.

I’m waiting for the ZTools software to arrive and then I’m going to rig up a small loop on the system with a couple of devices and give it a run. That should be interesting…

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2 thoughts on “What a week!

  1. Why a week from hell? They snooze, they lose and you win. I know the software is pricey but you got a new, awesome toy to play with. That fire alarm system looks like it belongs on the Starship Enterprise. Scotty could put out a fire anywhere on the ship with that.


    1. The fire alarm system is my new “go to” high end system, replacing the type of panel I used to buy. The older system is more capable in many ways, but sadly the interface is awful to use and the end users aren’t really liking it. The new ZFP system is about the same price (£950ish+tax for a panel) but I can put my company logo on the screen as well as customise the colour scheme to my company colours. I can also straight swap them if one of my old system panels ever fails as it is the same protocol (Apollo XP-95) so it speaks the same language as the detectors which are already fitted.


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