Knackered! And it’s only Wednesday.

I’ve done a phenomenal amount of work these last two days. A full fire alarm refurbish (including new panel, splitting two zones into three so new cabling, and fault elimination on the old system) and installed 7 cameras so far of a 10 camera system. It hasn’t helped that the temperatures have been in theContinue reading “Knackered! And it’s only Wednesday.”

Lockdown. Things I’ve noticed & learned to appreciate.

So after a few months of lockdown, we are beginning to see things starting to happen again. Shops are slowly opening. I can now get my Costa Coffee again (albeit as a drive through) and I’m seeing busier roads. Apart from my current annoyance, which is people who are clearly out for recreational journeys drivingContinue reading “Lockdown. Things I’ve noticed & learned to appreciate.”

A folk train.

Sounds beautiful doesn’t it? Catching a train from a station. Traveling across a beautiful autumn landscape whilst being entertained by live musicians. Stopping off at a delightful country pub and having a bar meal and some real ale, all whilst being entertained by the same musicians; before returning home. I tried it a couple ofContinue reading “A folk train.”