At last!

Raining in Tinter. Guess what I went and caught?

A flipping Coelacanth!

Published by Kris

Bassist. Cat servant. Everything is better shiny.

One thought on “At last!

  1. We caught a coelacanth on my survey ship USNS Sumner. We baited a large hook with a whole chicken and lowered it into the ocean as we were stopped for a CTD cast to the bottom. The bait was about 700 meters down when we caught it. We reeled it in using a winch for towing instruments. It was massive, 7 feet long and 300 lbs, a record size. After we took measurements to get the most science we could get out of it, we filleted it and the whole crew ate it. One of the best tasting fish I ever ate. Nice firm, flaky meat.

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