Wrapping up the week with an amazing storm.

A stunning storm passed over us just now. We don’t often get really violent thunderstorms in the UK, but this one was very powerful and energetic. The wind really got up at one point – such that I actually thought there was a small tornado nearby. Excuse the state of the garden – we’re inContinue reading “Wrapping up the week with an amazing storm.”

Just wear a mask, you idiot.

I’m feeling really annoyed at the moment. I don’t particularly like stupid people and as someone who was considered an essential worker by the government and thus obliged to work through lockdown I am now feeling as if we weren’t actually appreciated at all. All the clapping in the world for the NHS is justContinue reading “Just wear a mask, you idiot.”

15 years. I’ll never look back.

When this photograph was taken I was not a very happy person. I had just finished my last day at Midgleys Ltd. (Now defunct) after being there for just over 2 years. It had started as a very happy job, and for the first 18 months it was great. I was the general manager. IContinue reading “15 years. I’ll never look back.”