The Revolution Starts Here

The majority of intelligent people in the country know by now that Boris Johnson is an inept buffoon, and that the Tories dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic is bordering in genocide; but the idiot now wants to lock down Manchester; and indeed after negotiating with their mayor, Andy Burnham, has hit a brick wall.

That brick wall all boils down to money, or the lack of it. The North is the poor cousin to the south, regardless of denial, Boris Johnson’s own constituency of Uxbridge & South Ruislip has received more money recently than the paltry 20 Million offered to the entirety of Manchester, even when increased to 100 million it’s still a tiny amount of the money spent on some London boroughs.

Obviously, Manchester’s Labour leaders have rejected the offer; and thus the Prime Minister is attempting to force a lockdown.

Now this is dangerous. The North doesn’t respect the Tories; and the police are dangerously underfunded and under staffed and attempting to enforce a lockdown against the people’s will would only inflame an already tense situation.

I suspect the glorious revolution may begin in Manchester and Liverpool; two cities who historically have always fought amongst themselves, but in these strange times may unite and form a solid wall. I suspect South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire may well join them to take the wall all the way to the Humber.

We shall see, eh, but these are definitely strange times to be living in.

Published by Kris

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