I know the guy who did this. He’s a major Dunning-Krueger candidate. Everything I’ve seen him do is not quite right, and yet he thinks he’s a great all round builder.

He’s also a massive racist and Brexit supporting gammon.

Galaxy Buds Live – mid term thoughts

I’ve got to say they’re amazing!

I find them incredibly comfortable to wear; the sound is good, and yet I don’t feel cut off when they’re in my ears.

The Qi charging is a big winner; it means I can charge my phone and headphones at the same time using a single charger and wireless powershare.

The case is from Spigen and adds an extra layer of toughness to the charging case.

A power cut

We’re not used to power cuts; although we are certainly prepared. It only lasted about 15 minutes, but we had candles ready to go and I was all prepared to go into the garage and grab the camping cookers to get tea ready.

Seeing the Co-op on emergency lighting was certainly strange though!


An absolutely beautiful sunset captured using my a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. This photo was taken using the 108 megapixel mode and so zooming in on the original renders far more detail than I could believe.

Stadia arrived!

My new Google Stadia arrived.

I didn’t pay for it, google sent me a link to get one free because I’ve had a free trial of Stadia on my phone. To be honest it’s pretty good, although the transposition of the A and B buttons is very annoying from the Switch.

I wonder if the free offer is linked to the PS5 release?


Idiots shouldn’t be touching fire alarm panels.

Today’s idiot had tried moving devices into different zones on an Advanced 4000 series using the on screen prompts rather than by plugging in a laptop.

He’d then realised it was going to take in excess of 12 hours and quoted as such.

I completed the job in 2 hours, charged them a quarter of his bill, and even sorted the text on all the zones and devices so it was no longer in CAPSLOCKOVISION. And as a final coup de grace I put my own business logo on there, just to show the idiot that I’d done it right.

He still has the contact until next May, but I don’t think he’ll keep it after I showed the building management the “service records” for the last service which showed he had tested just one device and he’d not actually logged into the commissioning admin level (required by the service manual) to check the loop draw and resistance readings are within spec.