Lockdown incoming, again.

So Boris spewed forth tripe and again demonstrated his lack of understanding of the situation by locking us all down again from Midnight Thursday.

Or is it Friday?

Yeah he didn’t really make it very clear for the masses who may not understand the concept of which day Midnight belongs in (a day starts at Midnight – 0:00 – and ends at 23:59) so I’ve had people trying to tell me Thursday is the last day of freedom.

It isn’t, guys. If you leave it till Thursday to do your shopping you’re in for a nasty shock! Unless of course the blonde oaf has it wrong!

I’m thinking another lockdown is a damn good idea with the way some people are behaving. They seriously aren’t taking mask wearing seriously. But I’m also of the thought that nobody should be exempt from wearing a mask. Yeah you’ll get the people who bleat on as to why they shouldn’t because they have whatever condition, but honestly, if I had a breathing condition bad enough to stop me wearing a mask I would be shit scared of catching COVID-19.

So what have we seen so far? Well the COVID queues are all back. Obviously a good section of the country wasn’t expecting this at all and haven’t prepared for it. Meanwhile those with a bit of forethought have read the science articles and were well aware back in June that we might possibly lock down again.

We have an extra cupboard cleared out and filled with tinned food. We now have two freezers full of veg and we certainly have enough toilet roll to last us until 2021!

I suppose the best thing will be the quieter roads though. That’s a bonus.

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