New green screen cloth arrived!

I quite fancy a bit of vlogging so I ordered a cheap green screen cloth from Amazon.

After a little bit of experimenting I seem to have found some settings that work, although it’s pretty obvious my lighting is dreadful!

Anyway here’s my pointers;

1. Lighting is important. It should match the static background you’re already using.

2. Cropping is important. Flailing your arms outside the field of the camera isn’t a good idea!

3. Frame rate is important. I suspect the artifacts I see are due to a frequency difference between my lighting and the camera.

This is the first video I’ve ever done so please be nice. I know my mistakes and I’m learning the techniques. I’ve already ordered a ring light and some additional flood lighting for my vlogging studio. I’m planning on putting up some drop down banners so I can have different backcloths too.

First ever vlog!

Alton Towers the second

I pre-booked this back in August before all the craziness started with the plan of having another trip to my second home.

When we went to level 3 I was really anxious about going, after all it said avoid unnecessary travel; however I’d paid for my add-ons and was set to lose money, so I thought with the right amount of caution, and a good social distancing and masking regime it would be satisfactory.

Alton Towers is really beautiful in the Autumn, and it certainly is one of my favourite times of year.

Sadly Nemesis is closed for long term repairs and Th13teen didn’t open at all, and we did have a temporary closure on Galactica at one point; but I managed Smiler twice, Rita twice, Galactica twice, Wicker Man twice, Oblivion & Spinball once each, Enterprise, and The Blade once each.

It wasn’t massively busy, and rain at about noon certainly cleared the lightweights out.

It really is beautiful!

Everyone gets involved in the 9 major roller coasters at Alton Towers (Smiler, Oblivion, Rita, Th13teen, Nemesis, Galactica, Runaway Mine Train, Wicker Man, Spinball) and they forget that it has some of the most stunning gardens in the area built into a gorge.

Take a ride over the valley between Dark Forest and Forbidden Valley and you’ll see what I mean.