New green screen cloth arrived!

I quite fancy a bit of vlogging so I ordered a cheap green screen cloth from Amazon.

After a little bit of experimenting I seem to have found some settings that work, although it’s pretty obvious my lighting is dreadful!

Anyway here’s my pointers;

1. Lighting is important. It should match the static background you’re already using.

2. Cropping is important. Flailing your arms outside the field of the camera isn’t a good idea!

3. Frame rate is important. I suspect the artifacts I see are due to a frequency difference between my lighting and the camera.

This is the first video I’ve ever done so please be nice. I know my mistakes and I’m learning the techniques. I’ve already ordered a ring light and some additional flood lighting for my vlogging studio. I’m planning on putting up some drop down banners so I can have different backcloths too.

First ever vlog!

Published by Kris

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9 thoughts on “New green screen cloth arrived!

  1. Great yo hear your voice and very sexy accent. The suit is beyond awesome. Thanks for wearing it for this video and getting leather suits out there! Looking forward to more! (Did I hear you say you were only lacking the leather shirt?)


  2. Realize that in all the time i have known you i never heard your voice. Awesome job, green screen is tough to pull off right.
    Let me know if you ever want to videocall to get feedback on the light setup. I’m no expert, but spend a fair bit of time in it for my yt channel

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    1. Thanks! I certainly will. My new lights arrive today and I’m going to have a play around tomorrow. I’m pretty good at photography so I’m hoping to carry the skills over to video.


      1. If you know light then that’s more then half the battle, I was starting out an absolute noob but luckily I got a professional photographer helping me out learning that.

        Amazed about the audio from the earbuds, that was pretty good for something that uses bounced audio. Was the room treated for recording?


      2. There is no treatment at all. It isn’t a good location for filming at all, but I intend to improve it over the coming months. The Galaxy Buds Live were bought especially because they work with the Galaxy Note 20 camera in pro mode to create a lavalier microphone.


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