I love Yorkshire Parkin. Especially home made. It’s very oaty and really does produce spectacular flatulence!

Published by Kris

Bassist. Cat servant. Everything is better shiny.

One thought on “Parkin

  1. I tried to get Yorkshire Parkin here. They don’t ship it outside of the UK. I would have to make it myself. It sounded good. If I want flatulence, I would eat a large platter of New Orleans style red beans and rice with 2 links of Cajun boudin sausage. And a side dish of smothered cabbage. Shingle flapper farts I call them because they stink so bad that the shingles on my roof flap. I preloaded once for a Republican Caucas when I lived in Kansas. Silent but deadly on Mike Pence accidentally on purpose pinned to a wall.

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