The morning after the night before

Last night we might have celebrated a little. Half a bottle of bucks fizz (the really nice M&S stuff) to see off the orange turd.

The worry is that I now see troubled times ahead for the USA. Trump has enabled the MAGA idiots and given them the feeling of power that they don’t deserve and didn’t earn. They’re basically idiots.

Flag wanking as some call it is the positioning of your country above all others and the worship of all things related to your country; usually with no historic knowledge or understanding of the imagery.

We get it in the UK with the flag wankers who think the union flag is the be all and end all, and they even protested at Land of Hope and Glory not being sung at the Last Night of the Proms earlier this year, even though I’ll wager that 99.5% of those protesting have never seen a single prom, nor do they even realise that they last over a month.

Hopefully Trump’s damage can now be limited and the MAGAtards defused and put in their rightful place; and hopefully the GOP will realise just how far a country can turn against them and they won’t allow a turd like Trump to represent them again, so they can become a true opposition and not just an enabler of rednecks.

As a side note, if the USA split into two next week, the GOP lands and the Democrat lands; 86% of the GDP of the whole country would be in the Democrat lands.

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