December will be magic again.

Even in these hard times we can all be assured that December will be a little change. I’ve noticed everyone is taking extra effort with their decorations this year to try and create a little Christmas spirit. Yes it’s going to be odd with the limited travel and the lack of parties (although I suspect some people will still have them anyway), and no gig on New Year’s Eve is certainly going to be strange.

I’ve really been quite well prepared this year, and in general we are very well prepared for the future. An impeding hard Brexit is not leaving me with an easy feeling as I am absolutely sure there will be trouble ahead if we do. We need a deal with the EU. A bad deal is better than no deal, but try telling that to the fuckwits in Parliament.

But I get into politics, and you don’t come here to read about politics.

My latest geeky purchase is a Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. I’ve upgraded my Galaxy Watch to it.

Note to self : you have tried Android Wear and you’ve tried Garmin and you didn’t like either.  Stick with Samsung.

The latest one is pretty much an iteration of the previous one but with extra features and slightly less weight, although I have had to sideload some of the features as they are not yet approved for use in Europe or the UK, and our regulators are still focused on COVID-19 vaccines (the first of which we already have now).

The first feature I gained is ECG. A very good tool for health monitoring, especially as I near 50. I’m already older than my dad was when he had his heart attack and keeping an eye on the electrical activity in my heart can be a good thing (although it does help if you can read an ECG rather than just relying on the software).

Secondly I gain a blood pressure monitor. Now this is definitely useful, as someone who can’t actually remember the last time I had my blood pressure taken it is a good idea to monitor it.

My readings show it is slightly elevated, but not a concern provided I keep an eye on it and make sure it doesn’t rise too much. Anything over 140/90 is considered high blood pressure.

However when I’m relaxed it has been as low as 115/73 so I’m not too concerned.

I suppose the thing raising my blood pressure is this…

Yeah I finally got my PVC tie! A friend on Instagram pointed me at them. It’s from a company in the Netherlands called Mr Riegillo. ( )

I did have to give it a covering of latex polish before I could actually tie it though. It really doesn’t slide, even though PVC looks as smooth as hell it does actually grab against itself.

Anyhow, that’s my little update. Have fun.

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8 thoughts on “December will be magic again.

  1. Mr. Riegellio do make some good outfits but I would just urge some caution. It is very overpriced and the PVC quality, IMO, is not very good. PVC should be of a thick plastic and the test of this is when sitting down. Around the knee caps, it should not look disturbed or stretched. The type of PVC used by Mr. Reigillio is unfortunately of the thinner side of things and should not priced the way it is. I can say as I have modelled some of their outfits and thankfully, as a result, saved on the pocket. An example would be the tracksuit which is in my photo. Yes, it turned heads, but I like PVC to actually feel like PVC and for that, you really need the likes of ASOS and H&M.


    1. I’ve got a couple of Mr Riegillo items too. I agree with you on that – it’s similar to the grade of pvc that Phaze use – it doesn’t last long and goes very granular and flaky very quickly.

      Honour use a far superior grade of PVC and as such my go to jeans are their classic cut ones. They’re cut very much like Levi 501’s with the wider leg to allow for boots (always New Rock of course).


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