We Won

I was recently “put in my place” on Facebook by a “true patriot”. The term I would have used is flag wanker. You can pretty much imagine the profile I clicked through to – Union Jack’s, poppies, and a whole barrage of incorrectly used apostrophes.

Below is an example of the typical post I was seeing, obviously without my improvements.

Flag Wanking in the Extreme

Gammonus Extremus told me quite proudly that remainers lost and leavers won.

Except that actually nobody won.

His type probably shouted from the rooftops “NO DEAL LETS GO WTO” as if WTO is an exclusive club we need to be a part of. I suspect he had no concept of what WTO actually means and the magnitude of the tariffs we would be subject to.

Think of it as more of a graveyard of dysfunctional countries with governments so corrupt that nobody wants a trade deal with them. Now I’m aware that lot of evolving nations spend time trading on WTO terms, but nations with any sense try to form trading organisations to improve their buying power and the sensible ones have deals with their immediate neighbours.

So I asked him what he had won. Not we, he. How Brexit had personally made his life better.

He went off on a rant about taking back control of our borders.

I stopped him and said “not US, how has leaving the EU enriched your life?”

Again, he continued to rant about control of our fish; our waters; and all other things flag wankery.

Again I had to say, “That’s US, I mean you, personally, as a subhuman”. (I did say subhuman, but I don’t think he read or comprehended what I actually put).

Again, we’ve taken back control. No tangible benefit.

This was my final response:

“As a service engineer, some of my parts come from within the EU, some are sourced from elsewhere in the world – a country with whom the EU has a good trade deal. I install these parts in pubs. These parts have just gone up in price by 14% – an increase I have had to pass on. Therefore the pubs, and ultimately the breweries face increased costs – and my tiny increase is the tip of the iceberg. The brewery will therefore have to increase the price of beer by around 14%. Yes, even Wetherspoons. “

He blocked me.

That, my friends and followers, demonstrates that the biggest foghorns know Jack shit about anything to do with Brexit or how it will impact their dreary xenophobic lives.

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