Growing up with Trifles

Those of you who followed me from Blogger to WordPress may remember when my website was called Growing up with Trifles; or More Trifles. At one point I even had the domain same (a Spanish domain, which when we were in the EU I could legally own*)

I fucking love trifle. I was pretty much weaned on the stuff. Growing up near a large dairy manufacturer meant regular supplies of trifles. We all knew multiple people who worked there (2 of my cousins!) and it was staple work on the run up to Christmas as demand for trifles increased.

The staff knew the trick – damage a pallet of top quality M&S trifles with sherry and the next day they would be in the factory shop for 10p each. It was guaranteed that if there was a big event coming up a “whoops” would happen.

Every resident of the town had a bag of trifles in the freezer for emergencies. Even now when I see “do not freeze” embossed on the top of pre packed ones I quietly think “bollocks”. I ate hundreds of them that had been frozen and I never ailed anything!

So occasionally these days I get trifle. In the Brexit cupboard we have quite a few Birds trifles.

You wouldn’t like me if I’ve been deprived…

*don’t get me started on Brexit.

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