I’m reviewing now.

I’m now reviewing for a website http://www.foldingbicycle.club – I’ve got to say I’m rather enjoying it. I’ve already had a freebie sent along to review.

In other news, well I had to take some of my earrings out for a few weeks as I caught them on a ceiling structural frame and ended up causing them to get infected. They’re back now and totally fine although not one of mine is the same size any more. I really need to get another pack!

Fitness keeps improving. I had to ride across Sheffield last week on the little DaHon and I did not feel tired at all even though I had to tackle a couple of hills. It’s amazing how far I’ve come in just 6 months from the first ride I did when I nearly passed out!

The last little bit of news is that we’re gigging again! Two weeks away till our first gig. I really can’t wait!