Topeak MTS DXP review

One of my reviews on Folding Bicycle Club.

The Folding Bicycle Club

Topeak are well known for their luggage fixing system which involves a special rack with a tongue and groove quick release system, however, they also do a number of their bags as strap versions so those of us without their racks can use them.

As someone with a factory fixed rack this interested me very much; and as someone who had bought cheap rear pack I was very much interested in not getting burned again so I splashed out and bought one of these from my local cycle shop after seeing it on display.

The Top MTS (the DXP is important – it means the bag has panniers) is a superbly solid top bag. Very stiff and with a good hard base to prevent it slobbing around on your rear rack.

Inside is a divider and a single pocket on the lid. In its smallest configuration it holds about 6…

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