Love them!

I recently bought these trousers from ASOS. The first pair I ordered were a 38″ waist and the fit was horrendous! Far too large in all dimensions. I changed to a 36″ and here is the big reveal…

They’re made of PVC – but it’s much thicker than the PU that my shiny suit is made of. They also have a slit bottom hem, something I’ve never had in my life – but amazingly it really works.

They look really cool in front of my Corp poster (especially thanks to the colour of it!)

I’ve got to say it looks awesome with the cyan lighting!

Platinum Blonde

In readiness for a photoshoot I’ve decided to go platinum blonde, rather than the more yellow blonde I was previously.

This involved re-bleaching, although not for too long – a fact I’m thankful for as the bleach really felt hot and burny on the back of my head (indeed, the price of going blonde is mild chemical burns!)

Here was my first colour – done at the end of December

…and here’s the after pic… taken yesterday

It’s much less yellow than before and looks very natural compared to the sides of my beard. Belinda has mentioned that darkening my beard would work, but I prefer the salt and pepper look.

I’m a Hueligan

I ordered some of this to give it a try. I need to simplify my lunches at work and it seemed like a good option.

My first impressions? I really like it. Chocolate is my favourite, but then it would be!

I’m hoping it’ll help me control my weight a little easier as it’s a measured meal (400 calories).

Android 12

Today I received my update to Android 12. Just a few hours with it and I can already tell how much more buttery smooth it is. So many things have been tidied up and made smoother and quicker.

I’ll be trying the new camera app very soon!

The dreaded COVID

I fell victim to COVID-19 over the new year period; unfortunately it was asymptomatic at first so I was totally unaware I had it, and by the time it gave me a kicking on new year’s day I was already pretty much through it.

1st January I gave a positive test, 2nd had a very faint pink line, and yesterday’s and today’s were both negative.

I have no high temperature and my symptoms disappeared almost as quickly as they appeared, which for me says the vaccination worked and gave my immune system the information it needed to clear COVID quickly.

I’m pretty sure it was the Omicron variant.

Thankfully nobody I know or who I interacted with in the time I was infectious has come down with it.