I’m a Hueligan

I ordered some of this to give it a try. I need to simplify my lunches at work and it seemed like a good option.

My first impressions? I really like it. Chocolate is my favourite, but then it would be!

I’m hoping it’ll help me control my weight a little easier as it’s a measured meal (400 calories).

Published by Kris

Bassist. Cat servant. Everything is better shiny.

2 thoughts on “I’m a Hueligan

  1. Great.idea for a very busy man like you. You should be able to measure and create suitable meals using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Have your wife aid in this to free up your time. And she could benefit from it too.


    1. We can and we do have locally sourced fresh food. My wife is equally busy and the choice of Huel is for convenience. It’s filling, quick to consume, balanced, high fibre, and quick to make, plus it tastes nice.


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