A new photo shoot!

After many years of looking at our previous photo shoot pictures and thinking, particularly in the suited pics, how truly horrible I look – this photo shoot made me want to reverse all those years.

The new latex jacket was brought into the wardrobe (just the jacket, not the full outfit – I would have; but the world of clubland isn’t ready for that yet!) and I went for bright and interesting trousers. My new teal PVC trousers for the first lot of photos, and my iridescent coated Reclaimed Vintage jeans for the second lot (so only one half of my body was covered in shiny material at a time).

I’ve got to say that Craig’s new yellow trousers looked pretty awesome too. It’s an odd thing with being in a band – you wouldn’t generally wear the clothes you wear onstage in general public. Well I would!

We now have the trannies to look through and there’s a few which show potential. We’ve got to vote on them by the end of play today and then Alan, the photographer, is going to edit them up over the next week so we’re ready to send them on to agents for the incoming gigs.

The band’s opinion of the jacket by the way? Weird but cool as hell! Keeping a good shine was a bit of a task through the shoot but I managed it with constant mirror checks.

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