Rubber Life review (and Donimation)

Last night I finally made it to Donimation! It’s our local monthly fetish night held at a LGBT+ venue in Doncaster (hence the great pun in the name). If you’re on fetlife (I’m @nomenloony) why not look it up?

I wore my latex biker outfit with new rock boots. The photo was taken by a friend.

I also managed to edit up my review of Rubber Life – I’m getting better at these, but please be kind. I’m enjoying using the effects and facilities but I’m trying not to be like a kid on their first word processor using all the fonts. I’ve got to say I’m loving the green aurora background though. It helps to hide the green flashes on my latex caused by the reflections of the green back cloth.

Latex is incredibly hard to chroma key!

All the latex I’m wearing in this video is by Cathouse Clothing. Shine by BeGloss.

I must say I’m loving the thumbnail Vimeo picked.

Going forward my general videos will be hosted on YouTube too (to drive traffic here) but you’ll only ever get the full HD/4K versions here. YouTube will be limited to low resolution.

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