Cargo Fleet… Oh yes.

Cargo Fleet club strikes fear into the hearts of all covers bands. Imagine taking a venue, putting it upstairs, putting a fire escape onto the back of it and then making sure the ground at the bottom is just rough enough to snag the wheels of all your flight cases and you’re pretty much bang on for Cargo Fleet.

It appears in the diary and even though you wish you could be elsewhere, you know you have to do it because it’s in territory and you can’t just pick and choose. Everyone gets their turn. We do it every year.

Photo from 2017

Last night I decided to start showing off my new stage persona – a little more alternative than what I used to do before.

First set I wore leather chinos, white shirt with two layer collar, mottled waistcoat and Chelsea boots in black.

For the second set I wore a worn effect Spiral Direct sleeveless shirt to show off my tattoos, teal blue PVC trousers, and my New Rock boots.

There’s a theme going here with the trousers… as you can tell!

The gig itself was good. A few little niggling mistakes but nothing too obvious. I recorded both sets on the GoPro so we can watch back and critique our sets.

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One thought on “Cargo Fleet… Oh yes.

  1. I can just hear you going up that bloody fire escape. Kerchung kerchung kerchung BLOODY HELL kerchung kerchung kerchung. You poor sweet man. You was really beautiful in your teal trousers.


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