A trip to Hull

Today I had to have a trip to Hull to sort the layout on a fire alarm system. I traveled over there with one of the guys from the team of electricians dealing with the job, but the return journey was made using public/self powered transport.

Leg 1: Site->Hull – 2 miles – this was done on the bike.

Leg 2: Hull->Meadowhall – I let the train take the strain for the longest leg

Humber Bridge – for many years the world’s longest single span suspension bridge.
Train wanker!
The Fiido looking quite comfortable in the cycle section of the train.

Leg 3: Meadowhall->Home – 6.5 miles – again done under pedal power.

Centenary Way bridge

Amazingly, I’d never have contemplated just 1 year ago that I’d now regularly be riding upwards of 5 miles and not even thinking of it as hard work!

Now whilst I was out I did call into Meadowhall for a few treats… Many of them now adorning my ears!

New earrings. They have a very “iridium” looking coating with multiple colours, although I suspect it’s just heat blueing.

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