The Moon in the Marble Hall

After hearing that The Moon by Luke Jerram was coming to Wentworth Woodhouse I just had to get tickets. It wasn’t too expensive (under £10 a ticket) and I was certainly looking forward to seeing it.

So rather than waffle on for ages… Here’s the gallery.

What did I think?

Well the Woodhouse is great. It’s been 30 years since I last went inside (I was working on an IT project for my A-Levels) but I have to say the moon was fantastic to see. Slightly sinister, very well achieved. It was accompanied by other art; some of which fascinated me, some of which I was very meh about.

I did have a moment of sarcasm though when one of the exhibits (which consisted of led strips mounted to wood and suspended through a door like something emerging from the gates of hell) had a number of people congregating outside and standing talking in the doorway.

I asked if they could move to one side as a few people inside were trying to take photos without people on them. One of them said “oh I’m the artist” (like I’d actually even asked, or like I actually gave a shit!) so quick as anything I said “oh so you’ve already seen it then”.

She didn’t appreciate my sarcasm… But then if you’re exhibiting art for people to visit then perhaps you should allow them to get the best view rather than hog the limelight eh?

I might add… I’d have done it better. Not the idea – that was cool – but the implementation was very DIY. Exposed cables. Unencapsulated splices . I shuddered!

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