An emergency gig.

So on Friday I thought I’d got a weekend off.

How wrong I was! Friday night had me working and logging power consumption on an electrical installation. What did amaze me, however, is how little it did actually use! Until you realise that everything uses so much less energy because all the lighting is LED.

Saturday was a last minute standby gig (ironic, that we were called to standby at a venue we’re supposed to be playing in 3 weeks anyway!).

So Belle Isle it was then…

Note to self going forward – all stuff must be on the stage!

For the first set I wore my leather flared jeans; those I’ve had for absolutely years. These were paired with a white shirt and my checked green waistcoat.

I think it’s important to say that these jeans are not actually very comfortable! The leather is very thin, but actually quite hard and doesn’t really stretch at all. They don’t really bend with me. They look cool though!

Mid break was sponsored by Monster Munch.

For the second set it was the old classic of the blue PVC trousers and the new rocks, paired with my Spiral Direct sleeveless shirt.

How did we play? Well to say it was a last minute thing with no preparation; very well indeed!

Next weekend is a double so I’ve booked myself a day at Alton Towers on Tuesday to have a rest.

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