Alton Towers… Nice to be back!

I’m just sat in Woodcutters (my go to bar at Alton Towers) and after a good morning of coaster riding I’ve already done my daily exercise!

Time for vegan jerk burger!

High points so far?

Three rides on Smiler!

Low points? Well a couple…

One was the stupid entitled mum who snapped at the staff member on Smiler because her kid was too short and she’d already gone through the queue. She said “he was tall enough on the height chart at the entrance”.

Yes, she clearly didn’t realise he stood on tip toes to try and fool her (he did the same at the ride end until the staff member said “feet flat please”). Well he did, and it’s her who is the fool not the staff member for pulling them up on it.

The second was the queue for Wicker Man. They’re single train running (I did not know this when I joined the queue). I don’t know why but I’ll certainly try and find out.

Anyhow, it’s now time for dinner.

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