Code milky green!

I’m nursing a bit of a cold at the moment. Nothing too bad, but irritating anyway. Lateral flow test was negative.

I’ve been working through it as I’ve been pretty much on my own. I found something rather sad but a sign of the modern world. A pigeon has made a nest on top of a shutter door using rubbish. Poor little thing!

The nest is actually live and she came back to her eggs as I moved across.

I felt like putting something up there a bit more substantial than a few straws. Tomorrow when I’m back there I might.

Today though I finished slightly early, with enough spare time to do my latest vlog. Surprisingly this took an age to edit! There’s a version on YouTube but it’s very low resolution. Thanks to my regular subscribers!

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One thought on “Code milky green!

  1. Thank you for mentioning my name. Your leather outfits are really awesome. Mention my whole name and I have an Instagram account under my name and Facebook too. I never tried to hide my identity


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