York – Magic Goes Wrong

For our wedding anniversary a few months ago we decided to get each other tickets to see Magic Goes Wrong at the Theatre Royal in York.

Mrs Loons went up on the train earlier in the day as she was having a light lunch with a friend, so I did my day’s work and then finishing in Eggborough I headed over to Church Fenton – a village famous for being rather pretty, but even more so for it’s absolutely huge railway station for a very small town. Honestly, I’ve seen cities with smaller stations!

So on the train to York (a mere 10 minute journey!) and I found it really amusing when one of the the group opposite me said “that man’s got a leather suit on” just before we arrived in York. My response? “yeah I’m only wearing this cos my rubber one is in the wash”. There’s an element of truth in that – my latex is all hanging over drying racks at work!

So I arrived in York and met Mrs Loons at the Museum Gardens, about half an hour before they closed. Believe it or not the weather was absolutely beautiful!

When the gardens closed, we went for a quick Costa and then headed up to the Minster, just because…

The Minster looked gorgeous in the golden light.

Of course, smut had to happen!

Finally, the classic street had to be visited – if you’ve never been to The Shambles, this is what people think “quintessential Mediaeval Britain” looks like, and to be honest they’re not too far off.

The theatre performance was great – obviously no photos or video, but if you’re considering seeing it the show is very enjoyable.

One guy at the theatre commented that he liked my suit too – so that’s a win. I clearly need to wear a full three piece leather suit more often! My friend Glen will definitely agree with me on that.

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One thought on “York – Magic Goes Wrong

  1. I can’t believe you layed on the ground for that chimney shot. You can see how supple the leather is as you laid there. Too bad you wasn’t wearing your blue leather shirt and tie to complete the look. I’m glad you are getting complements on your suit. I have never had anyone say anything bad to me while wearing leather suits.


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