Midsummer, after 11.

This is how dark it gets in the middle of summer when you’re at 53.5° latitude. This is looking due north and the sun is about 14° below the horizon.

I love the light nights but I sometimes long for the dark frosty winter nights too.

Published by Kris

Bassist. Cat servant. Everything is better shiny.

One thought on “Midsummer, after 11.

  1. I am still astonished by your Latitude. I should know better. I did ship surveys up into the 80 degrees latitude. 24 hour sunlight caused some problems. I had to put cardboard over my stateroom windows to get some sleep. I also caused problems with my junior gravity rep Malcom Stewert. He kept coming on survey watch 12 hours offset. It was funny and the Navy on board ribbed him constantly.

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