About Me

First and foremost, I have a penchant for shiny clothing. I rather enjoy wearing leather, latex and PVC clothing; as well as anything else with a high shine.

I’m an electrical engineer by day – specialising in fire alarms (FD&A) installation, design, commissioning and servicing. I’m also a fully qualified electrician although I am now steering my company more towards the fire alarm side of things.

As for my hobbies – I’m a bassist with three bands at present. I have a wife of over 14 years now, and I am owned by cats. One is a tortoiseshell and she is the boss of us all.

I’m a big fan of Nintendo stuff – I currently have a Nintendo Switch and I’m madly into Zelda on it; but I also rather like retro gaming (or as I know it, just gaming!).

I currently use a Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 and Galaxy Watch 4. My daily use PC is a Surface Pro 6 Core i7.

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