Lockdown Incoming

It appears that some idiots aren’t taking the phrases “social distancing” very seriously. Large groups congregated over the weekend and the floppy haired fop who pretends to be prime minister is now threatening an Italy style emergency powers lockdown.

This, my friends and followers, is fucked up.

Personally, I’m existing in Animal Crossing for the foreseeable, and only performing servicing works (no new install work). I’m also trying to wash my hands whenever practicable, although it’s difficult when all the retards have bought all the alcoholic hand sanitiser.

One day they will realise that in a situation like this things such as hand sanitising only works if WE ALL DO IT!

Strangefish Gig Postponed

Sadly COVID-19 got the better of Fortune Retelling and the gig is now postponed; however we are going to live stream it.

I’m just investigating the best platform for this, but it seems like the studio (Redwall) has a decent setup for live streams.


“Coronavirus” COVID 19 is absolutely flooring the population the the world right now, and it’s now looking like it’s going to put a major brake on loads of sporting and music events.

Already we’ve seen the London Marathon postponed until October, and now I’ve found out that Cruise to the Edge isn’t happening.

I just hope “Fortune Retelling” is safe.

Meanwhile, I’ve caused a bit of a stir on Instagram by sharing this photo.

In it I’m in my pvc suit, but I’ve added in a latex waistcoat to turn it into a three piece. Hell I’ve looked for a pvc waistcoat but so far I’ve failed.

It’s all part of the “be me” phase of my life. I’m not hiding who I am anymore.

So many telescopes!

We’re trying to have a clear out of the club room and we’ve found that we are collecting a hell of a lot of telescopes; often donated by people who find them in garages and lofts.

Often these are broken in some way – but today we’ve cleared a load of them up and cobbled together some very good ones from all the broken ones.

Including the above one which is pretty much unused in the box. There’s hardy any scratches or dirt on the tripod legs which is a sign it’s been little used.