So work has gone a little awry for the morning. Heavy rain has put paid to my original plans, which may now be moved to Monday, however a call-out has come in and I’m just about to head to Doncaster. Wish me luck.

Atari 400/800 Jet Set Willy makes me cry.

For a system with such good potential, it has to be said that Tynesoft made a complete and utter mess of this one.

The Atari 400 & 800 both had hardware sprites so the jerky movement of the guardians is totally inexcusable.

Even the low resolution graphics are shocking. Who on earth drew them? They look like the sprites were designed by a 5 year old.

The music, though, is great. Rob Hubbard at his best.

Rehearsal the… Oh I don’t know…

I’ve lost count now! But I know we’ve had quite a few. This one was to get ready for the forthcoming gig at The Robin 2 in Bilston.

It was great to get together with the guys again after all the messiness of Christmas and New Year getting in the way. We’re now back at it and chugging on to get both the “back catalogue” gig of Bilston done, plus the Fortune Retelling event in April.

In other news through, sadly, Jo Lene has decided to give up the RS Bar. That means our gig in May is now unlikely to proceed and I’ll need to move it. I wonder if Jump fancy a tie in?