First Public Outing!

It was my first fully public outing of the suit on Thursday. Unfortunately, no general photos are allowed as it is a fetish event and we respect the rules; however, the wings seem to be designed for us to get photos in front of and so we all turn a blind eye.

I’m absolutely stunned with this photo! I set up my phone on a sink opposite and used my watch as a remote trigger.

But not until after I’d taken a couple of hand held selfies just in case this failed.

So what was the opinion on the suit? Well, it was pretty much unanimously loved by all. I’m so happy! I chose well.

New photos incoming!

Unfortunately the photoshoot has had to be postponed a few days, but since I’d already arranged a lot of stuff we decided to do the bluebells photos anyway.

I still adore the colour so much!

Of course I love bluebells too!

I have a few additional photos with the lady, but they’ll be shared later.

Gig 2 : Beechwood and Easterside

The club name rang a bell; the club didn’t! They’re all becoming such a blur though as we’re out so much just lately!

So this was Beechwood and Easterside. We played it a few years ago. I was fat back then, with a wispy and rather pointless beard; definitely nowhere near as distinguished!

As this was our second far flung gig in as many days I was pretty much running on caffeine, but I remember we did very well even if the crowd were a little thin on numbers.

A few things were decided though.

1. We have decided to go for the upgraded PA system.

2. We’re going to remove Sundays from our book unless it’s a massive price – none of us enjoy doing them, what with work the next day.

Anyways, Monday is back to work day. So back to work.

Two gigs and a wedding.

Like a rather memorable 1990’s film I pretty much woke up yesterday going fuck! Fuck! FUCK! FUCKERTY!

Two gigs this weekend, and add onto that a wedding and it’s a recipe for exhaustion.

The Wedding

So the wedding was at 2 yesterday, at Goldthorpe church – not too far away at least. I arrived in plenty of time, suited up in my rather gorgeous teal blue suit (I did not wear the latex suit, despite my fetish friends egging me on to!).

With a yellow tie this suit makes me think of the Albeiro star system with its beautiful haunting teal blue and golden orange/yellow stars trapped in a dance around each other.

The groom and all the groomsmen wore matching sage green suits. Looking rather splendid too!

The wedding happened on time, and I even managed to get some photos of the event.

And a Posey one in front of the church (quite a modern church, but still very striking)

… And a quick one of the classic Ford they were using as a limousine!

Shiniest suit award? This guy. It was a rather nice Next suit though, not one of those horrible bad polyester things you get from eBay.

At 3:15 I was heading off to the gig, via tea at Edenthorpe McDonalds.

Gig 1 : Hartlepool WMC

After a fairly uneventful run up to the venue we finally arrived at about ten to six – and loaded in and set up. What a lovely stage! It looks like the little opening was the original stage back when the club was built, but they’ve decided to make a huge thrust and it was spacious and looked clean, plus I wasn’t constantly treading on the moving head lights.

I’d love to say the gig was glitch free but sadly it wasn’t. I put new strings on and snapped D on tune up. Ernie Ball Cobalts = Wank. I won’t be buying those again! I’ll be sticking to my old faithful Rotosound Swing 66’s

Finishing at about 11:15, we loaded out by midnight and were back at base by 1:45. Onwards to gig two today!

Journey almost complete.

I’ve come out as a latex fetishist to pretty much everyone at last and actually it feels really really good! Nobody has made any negative comments about it (which really pleased me) and I’ve pretty much had full support for it.

So this weekend I’ve got a wedding to go to… Along with two gigs! What do I wear? Hmm…

I jest… It’ll be the first option. I actually wore my latex suit to do this video and I was absolutely soaking after about half an hour in it!

Here’s a few photos I took today.

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When you get a new outfit and then never get to wear it!

So as you’re aware, last week I finally took delivery of my latex suit; and a very fine suit it is. Oddly though, I’ve only worn it twice!

I’ve been so mentally busy for the last week and a half that I’ve had absolutely no time at all to dress up in it! However, this weekend is a bank holiday (including today, Good Friday) so let’s see what happens eh?

In other news though I’m still working at my piercings. I’m trying to get all my holes to take 1.6mm bars just because it gives me a fantastic choice of body jewelry to be able to wear.

Today I’ve got a full complement of rainbow Titanium stuff in. I’ve got to say though, the top two hoops feel rather tight still but I’m using plenty of moisturiser to try and lubricate the holes.

One of the commonest things that people doesn’t realise when expanding a hole is that any pain they feel is often actually the pain of the stretcher grabbing the skin! Moisturiser can fix a lot of these problems.

I’ll get a bit on a finger, rub it onto the hoop and then rotate the hoop into my ear and back whilst pulling the lug to allow the cream to go in.

Sheffield night out

Last night was a fet meet-up. First time for me, but definitely not the last. I rode the Fiido to the tram terminus, then caught the tram to Cathedral, before cycling onwards to the venue. It was a lovely mild night.

I met quite a lot of new fetish friends and added them all on Fetlife.

See you all in May guys!

Hi Viz wanker!

This week I’ve taken on a new client. Their site rules stipulate that full high visibility clothing should be worn – trousers and top.

They’re very orange!

Such that the camera even blows out when I try and take a selfie!

In other news, I’ve outed myself on both Twitter and Instagram as having the latex three piece suit. Next step is Facebook, but that’s a bit more of a challenge…

Oh what a response!

This week I’ve shared the latex suit on my public Instagram. It’s been very well received (mostly by the gay community I’ll add) but quite a few of my friends have asked follow up questions and I’ve decided I’d answer them here so I can send them this link.

Bit weird isn’t it?

Coming from a man who inhales carcinogenic chemicals into his lungs for pleasure, bit rich isn’t it?

Is it all latex?

Yes. The sap of the rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis). It’s harvested by making V shaped notches in the trunk and allowing the sap to drain out. It doesn’t harm the tree and unlike leather and PVC, natural latex is both vegan and doesn’t contain harsh petrochemicals.

Does it smell like balloons?

A little, particularly when it’s brand new. After a few wears it does tend to lose the fragrance a little. Some people like it. I tend to store it away from my other clothes because the smell can taint them.

How do you wash it?

You should wash it every time you’ve worn it; preferably within a couple of days of wearing at the most just to remove the sweat salts from it. I’ll often take it off in the shower – this is the easiest way – and then wash it all properly in the bath after I’ve showered. Drying takes place on drying racks which can be stood in the bath.

Is it expensive?

Unless you go for the Chinese made latex, which some of my friends have bought with varying degrees of success, latex is very expensive. Basic items like a pair of jeans will set you back around £130-£200 depending on the manufacturer. A t-shirt is around £60-£80 and a full three piece suit like mine with shirt and tie is heading towards £700.

Where on earth can you wear it?

This is the one I honestly struggle to answer. Some of my friends mix and match and will wear latex with a shirt or t-shirt (as indeed have I) – I’ve worn rubber jeans to a friend’s wedding before now, and to see gigs, but mostly I wear it at fetish and alternative events.

Where do you get it from?

Take your pick really. I’ve got clothing from Catalyst Latex, Cathouse Clothing and Libidex – all of whom I can recommend most wholeheartedly, but there are many very good latex clothing suppliers out there and from my own experience I think you’ll find them very encouraging and welcoming especially when you’re new to it. Most manufacturers even give you care sheets, and they’ll all sell the care kits with the polish and cleaning soaps.

How long have you been wearing it? I never knew!

My first item, latex cycling shorts, was bought in about 2002; I then had a catsuit in about 2007, but I really didn’t get into it fully until after dad died in 2013 and it dawned on me that I was 40 years old and I wasn’t actually exploring and experimenting with who I actually am.

And finally… A question I’ve been asked a lot…

Can I try it on?

This one is a firm No. Latex is a very personal item, it’s very expensive, and I won’t let people try mine, although a couple of people have tried my biker jacket on with my very strict supervision and only because I knew I was going to be washing it very soon as it was the end of the event.

So here you go, here’s a selection of my latex outfits in the form of a gallery. Please feel free to ask any more questions you may have.