Bloody idiot.

I have very little tolerance for these people. You’re a professional driver. Driving is your job. It’s your career. Yes, and for a chosen career you can’t even keep in your mind the height of your vehicle. Luckily the fines and penalties for these idiots are steep and they can usually consider it the endContinue reading “Bloody idiot.”

Group 4 park like dicks.

A blanket statement, you may think, but actually – judging by the three examples below captured within a very short period they need to prove otherwise. I am currently drawing a blank G4S over these. I emailed requesting they notify their drivers that this sort of parking and just abandoning their vehicles is not acceptableContinue reading “Group 4 park like dicks.”

Adventures in Shopping

I had to go shopping. First of all I spent a mortgage on printer ink. Why is printer ink so expensive? – I’m now refilling all our cartridges but for the Photosmart we currently haven’t had a spare set. That’s now rectified and refilling will start immediately! I did manage a rather good package inContinue reading “Adventures in Shopping”

Why you shouldn’t tailgate…

Facebook Avatar Version Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway An “unnecessary 4×4 owner” (seeeth) yesterday learnt a lesson. Driving through the roadworks between Junction 33 and Junction 35 on the M1 I was tailgated very closely by a 4×4… now normally they annoy me anyway when they do this, but he was REALLY CLOSE. It’sContinue reading “Why you shouldn’t tailgate…”

Today’s post is brought to you by the numbers 3 and 0

I sometimes feel a sense of dread. I sometimes feel a serious sense of dread. I sometimes worry about the people I have to share the roads with… Why do I spend far too much of my life following wankers who drive at 35-40mph on a perfectly straight and clear 60 road, only to passContinue reading “Today’s post is brought to you by the numbers 3 and 0”