The Needle’s Eye

A couple of my followers have recently messaged me about this monument I talked about, so I thought I’d have a ride up there and show you want it’s all about. The Needle’s Eye is a monument located near me, within about 25 minutes cycling distance. It’s a mid 18th Century folly, supposedly built atContinue reading “The Needle’s Eye”

A trip to Hull

Today I had to have a trip to Hull to sort the layout on a fire alarm system. I traveled over there with one of the guys from the team of electricians dealing with the job, but the return journey was made using public/self powered transport. Leg 1: Site->Hull – 2 miles – this wasContinue reading “A trip to Hull”

At last, a decent ride!

This afternoon we finally had the chance to go for a decent bike ride after a few weeks of truly horrible weather. We did 16km total on fairly flat terrain with a few gentle slopes. Nothing too arduous. The aftermath of the floods and storms was evident though with twigs scattered all across many ofContinue reading “At last, a decent ride!”

The epic gig.

Yesterday was yet another epic run out for a gig. I’m getting tired of these two hour journeys now (*there’s light at the end of the tunnel as a local agent has now took us on). The A1 all the way up to Newcastle for a change – no A19 required. A few changes thoughContinue reading “The epic gig.”

Buggering bollocks!

That moment when you get back to work having queued through a monumental traffic jam, only to realise you still have the keys for the building in your pocket. Not wanting to face the traffic again, I decided to use my Fiido for a real practical use – caught a train to Wakefield, rode acrossContinue reading “Buggering bollocks!”

Musings and piercings.

So Mrs Loons is buying me three new earrings for Christmas, in the style of the three inner planets. Now that set me thinking, and as someone who has always been a fan of ear piercings and has always wanted a sizeable number up each ear, I think I have a plan. Hear me out…Continue reading “Musings and piercings.”

Another epic ride, and yet it doesn’t feel so.

All the way from my home to Meadowhall whilst towing the Burley Travoy trailer. 22.5km almost – E-Bike set to medium assist for the full journey (I seldom use full assist as I find it a bit too much). About 70% of the battery power used. Gotta say Meadowhall do a great job for cyclistsContinue reading “Another epic ride, and yet it doesn’t feel so.”

Project Camper – Part 1

I’ve been planning to make a cycle camper for a few months now, and having considered many options I’ve decided to go with the fairly popular Coraplas tube version (there’s a few versions of this on YouTube). It’s a fairly simple design, although I’ve decided to beef up the chassis a little using aluminium andContinue reading “Project Camper – Part 1”