A folk train.

Sounds beautiful doesn’t it? Catching a train from a station. Traveling across a beautiful autumn landscape whilst being entertained by live musicians. Stopping off at a delightful country pub and having a bar meal and some real ale, all whilst being entertained by the same musicians; before returning home. I tried it a couple ofContinue reading “A folk train.”

B-b-b-but I’m scared…

After my recent latex 101 article (which seems to be popular!) I thought I’d now do a “coming out shiny” article off the back of it as there are a lot of people out there who really really want to wear shiny clothing, be it leather, latex, PVC, but they’re absolutely terrified of what theirContinue reading “B-b-b-but I’m scared…”

Grand Designs

I love Grand Designs. Not just because of the innovative ideas some of the couples come up with, but also with a lot of them for exhibiting sheer stupidity at the scope of the project they tackle, and yet the lack of money they have spare to allow for contingency planning. Also, I think KevinContinue reading “Grand Designs”

Leather Trousers plus Curry?

Apparently with the right combination of leather trousers and curry this happens. Thanks to Dave Winstanley for being the “model” in this shot… thanks to me for pulling his finger… thanks to my gas soldering iron’s uncontrollable gas flow for providing the flame. Am I the only person who thinks Dave looks ace in leatherContinue reading “Leather Trousers plus Curry?”

"The African One"

The African One is now called “Festival”… Hannah’s lyrics. Meanwhile, today has been interesting… I’ve spent the entire day fixing bloody Menvier fire alarm systems. God they’re shite! – the ones that the top lid drops down every time you sneeze or cough near them. Tonight, I still feel a bit Meh, so I’m doingContinue reading “"The African One"”

The mystery Ameo button… better photos with flash… sound on calls

The strange sun on the keyboard, you know, that button that does precisely bugger all… well here’s what it’s for. Say you leave your Ameo for 10 minutes and the screen goes blank as the backlight turns off… well you want to re-activate it exactly where you were without pressing anything that might cause changesContinue reading “The mystery Ameo button… better photos with flash… sound on calls”