Fishy Happenings

My third gig with Strangefish last night. It was a long day… I started at 7:30am – I had planned to be at the venue at around 10:30 and with a 2 hour journey ahead I needed to be ready. Freshly showered and breakfasted I set off – only to make much better time thanContinue reading “Fishy Happenings”

Of Giggage the First

I presume you’re wanting to know how the first Strangefish gig went? After all the build up has been huge from my point of view. About 6 months since I joined the band and we’re doing our first big gig. Ok so the arrival time was rather early, 2pm, as is always the case withContinue reading “Of Giggage the First”

Strangefish Progress Report

We’ve got stuff starting to go green now, which means I know it well enough to consider myself able to play it live and not whole heartedly fuck it up! I have to say, Strangefish has had two pretty stonking bass players. It’s certainly a challenge and it makes me realise what an easy lifeContinue reading “Strangefish Progress Report”

And thus, the fishiness began.

After last night’s IQ gig in Bury at The Met, which I have to say was stupendously good (even if they didn’t play Out of Nowhere) and arriving home at half past midnight; I was awoken at 7:30am for a Strangefish rehearsal. With lasers and songs from Ever buzzing in my mind (did I mentionContinue reading “And thus, the fishiness began.”

Prog is stagnating…

In the early nineties a group of progressive rock fans formed a little known organisation called The Classic Rock Society, and lo, it was good. People around the world joined because after all – no-one else would touch Prog with a shitty stick. Bands couldn’t get gigs because most venues wanted to put on theContinue reading “Prog is stagnating…”

Hello Progeny, Farewell Rotherham Rocks

So Progeny seems now to be occupying the space previously occupied by Rotherham Rocks (my birthday weekend – usually 2nd weekend in May). I suppose we have to move on, but I do fear this is the end of CRS gigs in Rotherham as they begin to move down south, then again – if youContinue reading “Hello Progeny, Farewell Rotherham Rocks”