The Moon in the Marble Hall

After hearing that The Moon by Luke Jerram was coming to Wentworth Woodhouse I just had to get tickets. It wasn’t too expensive (under £10 a ticket) and I was certainly looking forward to seeing it. So rather than waffle on for ages… Here’s the gallery. What did I think? Well the Woodhouse is great.Continue reading “The Moon in the Marble Hall”

100,000 dead

Live Aid had two main events – London and Philadelphia. The London event held approximately 80,000; the Philadelphia event just over 100,000 due to the venue being much larger than Wembley at the time (it was held at the old Twin Towers Wembley which was a predominantly a football venue). The Philadelphia event photo aboveContinue reading “100,000 dead”

The morning after the night before

Last night we might have celebrated a little. Half a bottle of bucks fizz (the really nice M&S stuff) to see off the orange turd. The worry is that I now see troubled times ahead for the USA. Trump has enabled the MAGA idiots and given them the feeling of power that they don’t deserveContinue reading “The morning after the night before”