What an uncultured lot we are!

I’m amazed and rather shocked today at how uncultured we are becoming! A Gentleman is no longer a Gentleman – when was the last time you ever saw the writing “Gentlemen” on a toilet block? – these days we usually get a little picture of a man with two legs and the woman balancing onContinue reading “What an uncultured lot we are!”

Of hair colouring, leather, and cornfields.

I have decided to colour my hair again. Not bleach, not boring… in fact you could say this picture was my inspiration. It’s now blue at the front, purple across the top and red at the back – nicely blended of course. It’s coloured with:Rusk Scream Colors (Passion Purple and Rage Red)Renbow Crazy Color (CapriContinue reading “Of hair colouring, leather, and cornfields.”