Vanilla friends?

So your vanilla friends… Have they ever tried any of your fetish wear? If so what did they think of it? I’ve had friends try latex and leather, none of them with the same response to it as me. One of my male friends who tried my latex jeans constantly giggled at how cold theyContinue reading “Vanilla friends?”

The morning after the night before

Last night we might have celebrated a little. Half a bottle of bucks fizz (the really nice M&S stuff) to see off the orange turd. The worry is that I now see troubled times ahead for the USA. Trump has enabled the MAGA idiots and given them the feeling of power that they don’t deserveContinue reading “The morning after the night before”

The Revolution Starts Here

The majority of intelligent people in the country know by now that Boris Johnson is an inept buffoon, and that the Tories dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic is bordering in genocide; but the idiot now wants to lock down Manchester; and indeed after negotiating with their mayor, Andy Burnham, has hit a brick wall. ThatContinue reading “The Revolution Starts Here”