A return to real blogging.

I’ve seen a lot of blogs both on WordPress and Blogger “fire up” recently after many years of sitting there untouched. I wonder if COVID-19 has made people realise that there’s more to life than sharing cat pictures on Facebook?

Not my cat. I suspect it would be if it met me.

I’ve always loved the blogging platforms, and even though I’ve moved around over the years (LiveJournal, then Blogger, then WordPress, then back to Blogger briefly, then back on WordPress again when I realised Google don’t actually give a damn about blogger).

Since 2004 I’ve been here sharing my ramblings! It’s amazing how long they go back, and it’s always great to reminisce about my times in various bands and some of the great events we’ve had and done – all documented for posterity.

My blog is now officially old enough to smoke, drink alcohol, and get married. Go blog!

With any luck I’ll be here in another 16 years and I’m sure WordPress will be here with me. It’s the place online where I have the most subscribers (although I’m not sure how many are actually real live accounts) and I certainly get the reads and searches looking at my account activity.

I’m probably not going to change the format any, it’s my place. It’s my blog. It’s where I let off steam, rant, and share my experiences.

I hope you’ll still be with me then!

From self hosted to this…

After many attempted hacks I’ve decided to block access to my old blog (except through a hidden URL) and forward all the hits over here from my old domains.

It’s a sad state of affairs when your admin pages are hit 4 to 6 times a day, repeatedly, by bots attempting to gain control of your site.

Even blocking countries only succeeded in annoying legitimate users.

Let’s see how this works out then.