Nomen Luni

Ever since the mid 1980’s I’ve been a gamer. Originally on Atari 2600; Spectrum; then Amiga; Then PC; plus a whole host of Nintendo consoles, and even briefly a PS2.

Nomen Luni, however, is special to me because whilst playing Jet Set Willy back in the mid 80’s a friend of mind and I had always found the room a challenge – when I defeated it eventually and made it onto the roof of the mansion he accused me of lying!

We’re not friends these days…

Even though I never understood the significance of it at the time I later found out that if you combined the rooms Nomen Luni and Under the Roof you had the outline of a twin prop plane crashed into the roof of the mansion; and apparently Nomen Luni was a pun on Nomen Ludi (which is latin for The Name of the Game – the motto of Imagine Software).

The plane is from the game Zzoom, by Imagine software.