“Keep Alert”

I really don’t understand how stupid this government is. They’re beginning to ease the lockdown event though we are still seeing fresh cases of the virus. The only justification they are using for this is because the R base count (infection rates) is lower than 1 which means each person with the infection is infecting fewer than 1 other person.

I’m now concerned that this is putting me at risk of infection as I have previously had pretty much totally unencumbered work with nobody nearby – I can actually do my work totally unaccompanied if required (and often do – I hold keys for a number of buildings). Boris is releasing this immediately after a Government sponsored mass gathering (VE Day) which could have increased the infection rate – especially after people were seen doing conga lines, but we don’t have 2 weeks for it to show.

A 5⭐ town!

After about 50 days of play we have finally completed the first part of Animal Crossing New Horizons – we now have a 5 star town.

I have to say, I’d actually live here! It’s rather beautiful. I can’t wait to get more shops and facilities very soon.

Long weekend

We have an extra day off tomorrow as May Day holiday has been moved from the Monday to the Friday to celebrate the 75th anniversary of VE day.

Ironic how do many of those celebrating are actually wanting the dismantling of the EU – one of the best peace plans in human history.

Tomorrow I’ll be celebrating my birthday. My 47th. Ironic that when I started writing my blog I was in my early 30’s!

Pityriasis Rosea – the final post

I realised I never posted a final entry about my Pityriasis Rosea, after recieving a comment from someone who may be going through the same grief as me when their skin suddenly develops huge red patches.

Well around 6 months after the initial outbreak the condition cleared up totally. I’ve not seen a single patch since. Not even an itch!

All the medics were right. 6 months.

The story of the blackbird

The gentle and rather tame little baby blackbird was taken to a wild animal sanctuary today. Latisha, as she became known, was almost fully fledged but needs a couple of weeks to help her along the way before she is released into the wild to fend for herself.

We’ll miss her, but she is a wild animal who will not thrive in captivity and she needs to be flying around the countryside and breeding to give us more beautiful blackbird songs.