A ride.

I’m still playing around with the Fiido and getting a feel for the range on it.

Today I had a ride from Old Moor up to Hoober and back.

I also got some good photos!

I was towing a simulated camping load to see how the foldie haired faired – and to be honest even with 15kg I didn’t really notice much.

I have to say I’m finding myself relying on the assist less and less too, and I only turned it up from one on the worst hills. I’m also now starting to use the gears more too so the power doesn’t kick in as much up hills.

I returned with the Fiido showing three bars, with it dipping to two bars on set off.

New bling.

I’m not usually into blingy stuff, but I had to buy some new ear studs today and the multi pack from Claire’s Accessories had some in it. They’ll probably last a week the way I lose them…

Winter’s Coming

Ok, I’ll come clean. I’ve never actually watched much Game of Thrones. It’s all a bit too killy for me – I prefer my TV a little more gentle (unlike my music, as you well know, which I like to be aggressive and thoughtful).

Those of you who have followed my blog for a number of years will know that I don’t hide the fact that I enjoy wearing leather and other shiny materials; and if this shocks you then perhaps you’re in the wrong place?

Well recently I completed my full three piece leather suit – and to top it off I now have a baker boys leather cap – a style of hat I’ve often worn, but never in leather.

I can now say I have finished! I’ve got leather trousers, shirt, waistcoat, tie, blazer, gloves, overcoat and hat. What more can I get, apart from a scarf, but then it gets a bit too much for me (plus I never ever wear scarves!).

I don’t look happy, but I can assure you I am!

I had to grab a few photos today.

Sorry for the watermarks, but I’m a bit fed up of my images being pilfered and shared all over Pinterest without a suitable credit.

Gotta say… This feels amazing, but I suppose you have to have “the thing” to appreciate it, and many of you will just think it’s a bit weird.

It makes me smile anyway, and that’s a rare thing!

Range Testing

Although I’ve not done it in one session yet, two long-ish sessions have allowed me to give a fairly decent range estimate on the D2S.

It started flashing a single red light at about 24 miles, and shut off totally just shy of 27. So essentially it’ll ride a marathon.

That’s a little under the claimed 50km range, but still better than I expected with me being somewhat heavier and bigger than many riders, and definitely heavier than the average Indonesian/Chinese person (who are, after all, the world’s biggest buyers and users of e-bikes).

Anyway, here’s some pretty photos from my travels.

Jordans Lock
Under the Railway
The Bow Bridge at Tinsley

I’d have never thought this would happen.

Today for the first time ever, I did a “big shop” on the bike; coming back with quite a large number of items.

The bike in question was the Fiido D2S and the trailer was my brand new Burley Travoy, which after fixing the minor manufacturing defect is now absolutely perfect. It easily coped with around 15kg of shopping and in all honesty the Fiido didn’t struggle or feel laboured.

It’s only about a 4 mile round trip and it didn’t take too long at all, in fact the journey home was probably quicker for me than it was in a car as there was a queue all the way down the retail park.

What’s with all the hate guys?

I sparked controversy a couple of days ago. I’ve had some pretty opinionated comments on Instagram from people who have since been removed from my circles. Why? I hear you ask?

Well consider this photo. I’m out on my Fiido enjoying a ride. I’ve got the trailer hitched on the back and I’ve just been shopping. You’ll notice I’m wearing leather trousers. Leather chinos to be precise (not jeans, and if you want to stay friends with me you’ll learn to differentiate between chinos, jeans and formal trousers! 😉)

That’s the problem.

Guys think I shouldn’t be riding a bike in “expensive leather trousers”.

Fellas… They were £15 off eBay. Most of my leather trousers/jeans come from eBay and cost under £20.

Now let me put this in perspective; I have a couple of pairs of Levi 501’s. A pair of 501’s is currently around £90. You don’t say a thing when I wear unwipeable non water-resistant £90 jeans when cycling but you moan because I wear a pair of fifteen quid leather trousers?

Seriously guys, stop standing in front of the mirror getting off and sharing bedroom photos on Instagram and get the fucking things worn in your life!

I’ve been wearing leather trousers in my daily life for about thirty years now and I won’t be changing any time soon!

I ordered a Burley Travoy

In case you’re wondering, it’s a bike trailer!

I think a lot of this was brought on by my love of folding bikes, but also by my love of the purity and design of the Fiido D2S (my latest bike). I really don’t want to load it up with tons of luggage and racks all the time, so I thought a single hauling point is the way to go.

The quick release hitch of the new Travoy looks absolutely perfect.

The only thing is, this is a £230 trailer! Yes, I shit a brick at that, but looking at the alternatives I think the Travoy has design and implementation nailed.

Alton Towers – October

I have to say that October is one of my favourite times of year for Alton Towers. The crowds are thinning a little, the leaves are turning, and it’s quite magical.

This time I went with Gaz and Ana again.

Gaz is such a lovable scatterbrain idiot, very much like myself!

High points… Most of it.

Low point… Getting stung by a wasp whilst on Smiler