Board swap!

I did a consumer unit swap for a friend today. It wasn’t the easiest as quite a few of the cables coming into it needed to be extended, but I managed ok.

Looks very neat and tidy now. Don’t blame me for the ceiling above by the way – that was already like that.

Afterwards I popped into my unit to answer a subscriber question… If you have a question to ask you can always do it here.

Anyway, here’s the answer, and in an update, my second part of the shipment might actually be with me tomorrow! I’ve checked track and trace and this is what it says…

Oddly enough this time it’s with Royal Mail, my last package came by APC.

So back to that question…

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18 Years Old!

My blog is 18 years old! It was started in March 2004 as a Livejournal and having been ported through both Blogger and finally WordPress, here we are. 18 years later.

So, what did I look like in 2004?

Strangely enough, about the same size (I still have those leathers and I can still fit in them), possibly nowhere near as fit, but definitely more hair.

However… These days, I’m cooler!

It’s here!

Well half of it is… But it’s still a good opportunity to dress up!

The suit is, as stated in the video, from Libidex. It’s the Sinatra suit in Metallic Petrol.

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Code milky green!

I’m nursing a bit of a cold at the moment. Nothing too bad, but irritating anyway. Lateral flow test was negative.

I’ve been working through it as I’ve been pretty much on my own. I found something rather sad but a sign of the modern world. A pigeon has made a nest on top of a shutter door using rubbish. Poor little thing!

The nest is actually live and she came back to her eggs as I moved across.

I felt like putting something up there a bit more substantial than a few straws. Tomorrow when I’m back there I might.

Today though I finished slightly early, with enough spare time to do my latest vlog. Surprisingly this took an age to edit! There’s a version on YouTube but it’s very low resolution. Thanks to my regular subscribers!

What’s your shine?

Not feeling 100% today, so I decided to quit early and make a shiny video. I’ve got to say I really enjoyed making this one!

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Well that was a weekend and a half. Two gigs, following a busy week.

First was Wickersley. A great little club, even if the stage is a bit snug.

Second was New Lodge. A much larger club with a really nice sized stage.

I’ve had to neglect my online duties a little, but work comes first when it’s what’s paying for my stuff and latex three piece suits don’t pay for themselves, and now we’re considering a PA system upgrade.