Alton Towers… Again

You are all probably very well aware that I love Alton Towers. It’s one of my favourite places to visit and I often travel every few weeks (season pass… aaah).

Unfortunately on this visit I misjudged the school holidays and Gaz and I ended up in a theme park full of brats! (admittedly, most of them are actually totally fine, but there’s always the odd few who make you want to get stabby).

Yesterday’s particular brat was quite merrily walking down the side of the queue line of Nemesis to join her mates who were about half way down. I stopped them passing me and explained that if they wanted to join their friends then their friends would have to come back to them.

Explaining the concept of queue jumping to someone in their teens should NOT be something anyone in England should have to do. Indeed, had I tried such a trick when I was that age I would have been fetching my head from the other side of the park as I’d have had it knocked off, and we’d have certainly been on our way home 10 minutes later (not a warning, I was brought up to understand right and wrong and punishment DID once include turning round and going home).

We won’t go in July again; next year our last trip will be mid June. I don’t relish 30 to 45 minute queues; although they are more enjoyable with friends. Especially a “Wollercoaster Fwiend” like Gaz.

Alton Towers again tomorrow!

It’s my last trip to Alton Towers for a few months. The school holidays will be putting paid to it until early September.

It’s one of my favourite places to be. I always feel relaxed and yet excited at the same time. It’s also true that when you go as much as I do you don’t feel as eager to do all the rides every time.

It looks like it’s going to be a rather warm day so it might well be shorts for me. Rather different from last time when I contemplated leather jeans!

Alton Towers… Again!

You’d think I was addicted to the place, but Gaz and I traveled there again yesterday for the day.

We managed to ride 17 coasters including 5 rides on Smiler, 4 on Wicker Man, 3 on Nemesis, 2 on Galactica and 1 on each of Th13teen, Oblivion and RITA; plus the obligatory ride on Duel.

We missed out Spinball and Runaway Mine Train on this occasion.

Amazingly we did over 22,000 steps each – contributed to by the fact we didn’t use the monorail this time.


So a rapidly planned trip to Alton Towers worked out great.

I picked Gaz and Ana up at 8 at Meadowhall Park & Ride, we traveled to Alton Towers and then caught up with John there.

I rode:

Smiler (X2)





Runaway Mine Train

Wicker Man (X3)

Spinball Whizzer (x2)

Alton Towers Day

So, the park was amazing! I did 14,000 steps in one day!

Wicker Man is incredible. Very fast, very rough, but intense.

It looked good in the rainy weather, especially as the visibly was bad.

I also went on the Spinball, Galactica, Thirt13n, and Rita. Four coasters I’ve never been on before – which tells you how long ago it was since I went.

My old favourites Nemesis and Oblivion are still great, although Nemesis is getting a little rough nowadays.

The Smiler never opened all day. I wonder if it’s because it’s Friday 13th?

It was a great day though.

Alton Towers

So it’s the first day of our big Alton Towers trip that mum bought us for Christmas. Hannah’s not been looking forward to it at all. It’s not her thing.

We’re staying in splash landings hotel. The room is… Interesting…

To be fair if I’d been 8 years old I’d have loved it!

The main bed is quite small – feels like a three quarter to me.

Bunk beds. Hannah’s going to sleep on one of these I think.

It’s worrying that there’s a bottle in the carpet pattern though…

My chosen wear for tonight’s tea? Leather!

I’m actually struggling with my clothing now. I’ve lost so much weight and bulk that my leathers are really loose on my legs and I’m going to have to review my sizes very soon.